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Being Fatherless is No Joke-It Really Isn't

Tom's Story

I'd like to welcome you to my site because I believe what I have to say is important for us all. A little about myself and why I viewed this as an important topic. My mother raised me in a fatherless household and I didn't get to see my biological father until I was 38.

Despite that, I think I did fine with my life. Over 25 total yrs of honorable military service. Seven and a half years working for the USPS. Eight years working as a machine operator and 1 year as an over the road professional truck driver.

Despite doing all of that I still feel there was something missing and I don't believe any person should have to go through their entire life feeling this emptiness.

We All Have a Story To Tell

I believe every fatherless person has a story to tell. Mine is growing up with a close-knit family always having parties for every birthday and holiday. I also had two brothers who were from the same father as me  (me being the youngest). We did everything together, from swimming and diving to playing football, basketball, and baseball. We supported each other games all the time. But there was a not so nice side of my upbringing besides being fatherless.

This was my mom's live-in boyfriend, and she had two children from this man. He was an alcoholic and an abuser. He was bad when he drank, but when he didn't he was a different person.

My Goal For This Site

The reason I'm here is to help you let go of the past pain by finding out the truth about why you were fatherless and pursue a better future for you and your family. Then for you to do the same thing for someone else who is fatherless. Then they can do the same thing for someone else. Also to help you show off to the world that despite being fatherless you did some great things.

I know being fatherless comes with a lot of other baggage but there is nowhere to go to express it from the real perspective. Starting with this...just because you are over 18 doesn't mean you are not fatherless. We have been fooled to think that only children are fatherless. Don't believe me? Google (how many fatherless adults are there in the U. S.?). There will be no results found because we as a society don't categorize anyone above the age of 18 as fatherless, even though all of us suffer from it.    

Until we have every fatherless person understanding why they are fatherless, how to get past it, and help change this for a better future, then we will continue to suffer as a nation with this issue.

If you have accomplished something special in your life despite being fatherless, then pick up a shirt from the store and let the world know that even though you didn't have your father in your life you were still able to accomplish something special.

 Also, we are adding new sections to the store to help you with any struggles you may be experiencing. Look at our "Help" section under the "Shop" tab to see what's available now. More to come soon.

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Tom "Guu" Goodwine

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