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The Forgotten Epidemic-Consequences of Being Without Your Dad

When I talk about the forgotten epidemic, I'm not talking about not getting any of coverage but I'm talking about not hearing any real solutions. You see, the discussion of fatherlessness is everywhere. On the internet, tv, radio, and throughout the neighborhood. There is only one problem with all of this talk, and that is, where are the real solutions?Fatherless Child

I read and hear of solutions but those solutions are only going to help the fatherless who are already here, which leads me to believe that we as a society are assuming that fatherlessness is just going to continue and we must have a plan in place to smooth it over.

This is not going to work. We have to have a plan in place that is going to slow down the fatherless process from even occurring.

Being Discussed on YouTube

Perhaps the most used platform that discusses fatherlessness is YouTube. There are thousands of videos on the topic of fatherlessness and most of them are really good. This is where I get some of my ideas for writing. This platform is so popular that you can leave comments and may even get a reply.

I'm going, to be honest with you, most of my comments don't get any replies because I speak the dirty rotten truth. Most of the videos concentrate on single mothers and their impact on the fatherless epidemic and some concentrate on fatherless sons being irresponsible with sex and not taking responsibility for a child they help bring here.

I've watched hundreds of videos like this and I've come to the conclusion that this is not a man or woman thing only, but a society thing. Once society says, and I'm not talking about the politicians yet, "enough is enough" then we as a people will start to do our individual part to help make things better.

And in my opinion, this starts with putting the fathers back into the homes. This means the biological fathers will be there with all of his children and he will be responsible for protecting them and his wife from harm.

This can start with moving his family to an area where they can grow up without fear of people in the neighborhood or even next door. Men need to be the provider and protector of his family and he should learn how to do this from the knowledge he receives from his biological father.

Being Discussed on Television

Perhaps the second most used platform is television. They will have a guest show host with a room full of the fatherless and have them explain how mad they were with their father leaving.

This is an emotional time for everyone, especially children. They are given the opportunity to say to their mothers how much they love them because of all they've done for them since their dad left.

They are also given the opportunity to express what they want their dads to know about how they made it through a life of fatherlessness without him.

Another way television show fatherlessness is through some reality tv shows. This depiction of fatherlessness is also very sad and you can look at these shows and tell the majority of the actors/actresses are fatherless or had a negative father upbringing.Drugs as a result of fatherlessness

I just can't believe any father would knowingly allow their children to be subjected to such humiliation for a program that doesn't reflect much positively.

The last way television shows fatherlessness for profit is through commercials. I can't tell you how many commercials I've seen with a mother and a child and there is no ring on her finger.

Television is profiting off of fatherlessness but is not doing much about solutions. Maybe they just don't have a solution and if they came with one that was legitimate, that may just surprise us all.

Being Discussed on The Radio

Radio is another tremendous platform to put out information about fatherlessness. They do a great job but you have to be part of that particular following in order to hear it.

The radio will also ask the public to get involved with what they think caused it or what can be done about it.

They will ask a question who do you think is most responsible for the rapid influx of fatherless children being born today. In most cases, men blame women and vice versa. You will even have some callers say it 50/50 because it takes two to have a child which is true.Fatherless boy

Discussing the fatherless trend in society by radio is a great idea because it is real-time and you can get answers that are real without prepared answers.

Still, like the other platforms, the radio hasn't shown any real solution and this may be because they don't have any. Perhaps if they found one they would blast it all over the circuits.

Being Discussed in The Neighborhood

My experience with the fatherless neighborhood is just what I saw as a mailman while delivering my mail. Fatherlessness was practically everywhere. You can tell by the way the lawns looked if there was an effective man living in that home, but if he was and the house was not kept, there’s a good chance he was fatherless himself.

The inside of these houses with fatherless children was not that much better. If there was not a father present in the house these houses were usually not well-kept and displayed a very bad odor.

There was trash on the porch, all over the floor in part of the house that was visible. Some children where not well-behaved and would not even say thank you when they received the mail.

You should've heard of my story about the fatherless child who put a pellet to my back as an unarmed mailman who was well respected throughout the neighborhood.

So with all that being said, you must know the neighborhood is clueless about solutions to deal with this fatherless problem. Not even the schools had a plan for it and the school I delivered to were among the worst in the state when it came to academics and production.


One main way to help fatherlessness is by giving every fatherless child a tool that will help them find out why they where fatherless in the first place. Yes, by finding this out they can get some closure and really start to forgive. One more way to help the fatherless is by giving them a place they can go ask a question about their dad in private to find out what really happened between their parents. 

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Please leave a comment and tell what are your thoughts about this tragedy going on in the world today. Also, please share and use this information on as many platforms as possible. We need this to get out.

Tom Guu

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