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Help Wanted-How You Can Help

How do I know we need help?

Unless you have been living under a rock or somewhere out of space you must know that we as a society have a big problem with children growing up with their fathers.

Today in this blog I’m going to do something a little different, as we all know something different has to be done to combat this situation.

So, since no one is getting their words heard because we are all in denial, I’ll share my take on what we should be doing and how you can do the same thing on your platform.

world wide web

When I'm searching the web and when I was a mail carrier delivering mail in fatherless neighborhoods, it just broke my heart to see that no one wants to tackle this issue. Children are being abused every day and no one seems to know what to do.

A lot of us have good ideas and are doing some great things, but what I am seeing is not an answer but a band-aid. We are all concentrating on what we can do after the fact.

For example, we have mentors because we have children who need to be mentored. Or another example is we have a program that helps men learn how to be fathers after they get out of prison. This is a great program, however, if we didn’t have that man going to prison we wouldn’t need that program.


Every program or action being taken against fatherlessness today is an “after-the-fact” method. We all need to get together and think of methods that will slow down the number of fatherless children from coming in the first place. But, how do we do this? How do we help these children while helping ourselves?

Well, if I may. I’d like to offer several positions that no one else is marketing to be filled even though we know they are needed. Before I tell you what they are I’d like to explain what qualifications you need to have and what the salaries are.

Qualifications for these positions

To qualify for any of these positions you:

Must be passionate about impacting the fatherless situation

Must be driven

Must be patient

Must be persistent

Must be fearless 

Must be creative

Must know how to do research thoroughly

Must have thick skin

Your salary-$0.00 but you will be helping society and what you can make from that is up to you (unlimited).

So, if you are still interested in filling one of these positions continue to read.

Problems Hindering the Fatherless

Ok, when I’m going to different blogs/websites/podcasts about fatherlessness I see/hear pretty much the same things. You know the percentages of negatives caused as a result of being fatherless. These numbers are for the U.S. as a whole.

Here are some of the more common ones I found from some of these blogs and websites-

-71% of drop-outs come from fatherless homes

-70% in reformed institutions are fatherless

-67% in state prisons are fatherless

-44% living in poverty are from fatherless homes

Also, fatherless children are more likely to-

-engage in drug and alcohol use and this is really impacting them

- be abused and become an abuser as an adult

-become obese

-have academic and disciplinary problems

-exhibit violent behavior in school

Perhaps one area of concern that is going overlooked and this is, in my opinion, a major reason why there are so many children growing up fatherless and that is “paternity fraud”. Yes, I was looking through some documents I found on the internet and it’s all there in black and white. The numbers are staggering.

It doesn’t matter how we want to spruce it up, if a child is a victim of maternity fraud then he or she is fatherless. This also means there could be two men who are paying for one child. One man is called dad and the other is called pops.

This has to stop and be punished in the future. There are far too many children coming into the world like this and it is going unaddressed.

Here are those staggering numbers I mentioned earlier. This is the information I got from a blog called stoppennsylvaniapaternityfraud’s blog. It gives some damaging numbers but we aren't making this a big issue. But we will!!

The data that you see was obtained from the state of PA. As you can see, in 2007 and 2008 over 50% of the paternity established by DNA testing excluded (you are not the father) the Man named by the Mother as the Biological Father.

We believe that this number represents a small part of the Paternity Fraud problem in the state of PA. How many men have blindly trusted the Mother? How many men are married to the Mother and that state does not allow DNA testing because of presumption of Paternity? Now is the time to take a stand for justice and for truth.

Be advised that those numbers have gotten worse since 2008.

As you can see from the numbers listed above there is a major problem in Pennsylvania. This is occurring all over the US. So, let’s take a good look at the numbers and make some sense of them.

In 2006 of the 4037 DNA testing performed, 3454 came back saying the child belonged to the father and 583 came back as not. Which means only 86% of the mothers were telling the truth that year. But wait, it gets worse.

In 2007 of the 4061 test performed, the mothers were telling the truth only 48% and in 2008 they told the truth only 46%. Why aren’t we screaming from the top of our lungs at these numbers?

So, for the 3 years combined, women were only telling the truth a whopping 59% of the time. This is sickening. I’m sure in some places it’s even worse. But to know that anywhere would produce numbers like this criminal.  I’ve even read that somewhere that some of these women are falsifying the DNA test itself.

We have to give more attention to this and start punishing this behavior.


There are 4 Information Positions Available For Those Interested (these are ideas from me but you have to make it happen)

As I said before you can’t go to your local paper and see any of these positions being marketed. But we all know they are needed to combat fatherlessness.

Position 1- The Drop- Out Information Specialist-this position will help as many dropouts get their high school diploma by giving the information they’ll need to get an accredited diploma. They will do thorough research to see if 90% drop-out rate is still correct or has it changed in any way.

Next find out from talking to psychologists, school counselors, teachers, mentors, parents, or anyone who can give you information on why 90% of dropouts come from fatherless homes.

Be creative with maybe interviews, videos, or any other way you can get attention to this problem. Maybe start a blog or your own podcast. Share what you have learned to everyone until you are regarded as the authority of this area.


Find a platform that offers an online diploma certification that you can team up with. You can work together and have those who have dropped out, to come to that platform on your behalf. You can discuss the compensation with said platform. Work to give these dropouts a place to go after completing their HS Diploma. Be creative.

Remember to always send anyone you come in contact with to The Fatherless Store so they can show the world what they accomplished despite being fatherless and get help with any other circumstance.

Document everything you researched for future reference.

Position 2-The Obese Information Specialist-this position is most definitely needed in our society because there is a very good chance that if you are fatherless you can become seriously overweight and this isn’t good.

So, again you will probably have to develop a platform so these fatherless people can come to. You will most likely have to team up with a company that is going to help you with the information you are going to have to pass on to this group.

And again you will want to do all the research on why fatherless children are so overweight and how can we slow this down. Maybe leave flyers at high schools or colleges so those in need will seek out your help. Document everything.

Also, create your own product so you can pass this info on and make your own compensation from it. 

Position 3-The Academic and Disciplinary Information Specialist-this position is going to have to do a lot of research to help with this situation. Perhaps you can develop your own product that teaches self-esteem help and controlling anger. A lot of these children will come from fatherless homes so this is where you should concentrate on first. 

So, first, you should develop your own platform, whether it be a website, blog or podcast. Bring in as many fatherless people dealing with this issue then give them information on how they can correct it.

Some of this information can be researched then you can team up with that company to work together or some of the information you can create yourself, then decide how much you want to be compensated from it. The choice is up to you.

But you will be well versed in this field if you put in the work and once you are helping then assistance will come from everywhere.

Position 4-Paternity Fraud Information Specialist-this position is so important and it has to have a dedicated thick-skinned employee taking this position.

Originally I was going to prefer only men for this position and then I thought, there are women out there doing the right thing, whose fathers or husbands, boyfriends, nephews have been affected by this who will be motivated to get to the truth.

This position will do tons and tons of research to accumulate the number of facts to help change laws.

You can create a platform for those who want to see a change and start from there. Or even start with the blog I mentioned early on.

I found this one blog by going to Google and clicking images then putting in paternity fraud statistics. You will see all the damaging numbers there.

Go to Women Against Paternity or call 661-829-6807 to get started with this position also.

For additional help with this situation go to

Watch the video below and see how big of a problem this is.

The 4 information positions listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when we think of helping the fatherless. I often think we are just a culture that is in denial and this is why we do not see anything like this going on. But I’m looking to change that with The Fatherless Store and the help of the few others who want to help.

Please leave a comment on which position you are interested in or if you already have a platform in which you can assist anyone wanting to help and please share.


Also, show the world what you've accomplished despite being fatherless by picking up something at The Fatherless Store.


Tom Guu 



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