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Helping Fatherless Children-It's Going To Take All Of Us

When we look at the fatherless epidemic today, we are seeing something that will continue to bring down our society until we can do something with extreme measures.

Today I will be talking about ways we all can help by using my what-when-how-and why method. This is a method I made up to come to you from a different angle. Remember it's going to take all of us in order to see change.

What Are The Main Issues For Helping Fatherless Children?

The main issues I see and not much is being done about it, is the challenges children are having in school, on the internet and in life in general. Our kids are suffering because their dads are out of their life. They are lacking the social skills to communicate effectively or be in a healthy relationship. They are insecure and this causes other problems.

I understand there are major problems getting a lot of coverage in the media, for instance, the fatherless school shooters, fatherless single mothers or fatherless You Tubers. We have to keep our eyes on the total picture. How these kids are mentally is something we are overlooking. We have to find out how we can change this.

How Are We Going To Make A Different?

First of all, we can all start making a difference by making this problem be known to everyone. You can write letters to your elected officials to make sure they understand how this issue is affecting all of us. Next, you can explain to your children that it wasn't their fault that mom and dad decided to separate. Lastly, we can give these fatherless parents the power to help their children with all the problems they are going through because of being fatherless.

Here's how, learn how to be a mentor who can help their children become better people, by getting rid of all the anger and improving their self-esteem. This is an amazing opportunity for parents all over the world to start making a difference in combating fatherlessness and helping themselves financially.

When Should We Start Helping The Fatherless-For A Better Future

The answer to this question is now. We can not wait another minute allowing our children to continue to suffer. Because letting them suffer will definitely hurt them when becoming adults and this will be another generation impacted for the bad. Everyone please stand up and start making a difference.

Start assisting your children first by helping their self-esteem, which will start to change a lot of the problems they are having. What would our society be like if we started changing the self-esteem of our children and they began to excel at every level? I can imagine a society with the majority of our children having fathers in their lives and high self-esteem.

This can help our children make the correct decisions most of the time and grow up to have healthy relationships. This will, in turn, develop children who will produce children who will be successful.

Why, Should We Make A Difference Now?                           

We need to make a difference now to save the generations of the future. No more standing on our hands and doing nothing. You now have in your hands something you can do right now to help our children today. Become a mentor today and start helping children. 

There is no reason why everyone shouldn't want to help change the fatherless epidemic that is occurring in the United States and around the world. No more excuses. You can now do something that will help our society and help yourself in the process.

By becoming a mentor so you can help your children become emotionally powerful while changing your life in the process go to make a difference in our society. 

Please leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this touchy subject.

Tom Guu

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