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How a Child's Future Depends on His Father's Involvement

There is no doubt that the importance of good mothers in a home is real. In the coming years I am going to plead with mothers to figure out a way to marry men who will commit to the family for a life-time. And I hope with the staggering statistics that I am going to present, that fathers will see how crucial they are to the success and happiness of their off-springs.

The sad truth is that according to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services 63% of all youth suicides come from a home where no father is present. We all know that teen suicide is a problem but just think... over half of them would likely never occur if they were not living with single mothers. I am not blaming single moms I am merely informing single moms that having children and raising them without a father is a big gamble.

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Do you see teen pregnancy as a problem? Wow! What a burden on society. In most cases the unwed teen-age mother does not have skills to get a decent job. Now we have a mother and child on welfare. Dad is no where to be found and the vicious cycle is difficult at best.

Where do all of these pregnant teens come from? Once again they are from fatherless homes. This alone should show all of us the importance of a father in each and every American home.

If you are still not convinced of the importance of a father in the home read this. Ninety per cent of all homeless and runaway children come from fatherless homes. And where do you think 85% of the youth sitting in prison came from? You are catching on. They too came from fatherless homes.

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Guess what? It is not always the fault of a dead-beat dad. In many cases the bitter mother feels like she can get back at the ex husband by denying him visitation. Mothers may be angry but, for the sake of the children, it is necessary that they cooperate with any of the fathers who have good intentions.

According to 500 women in a survey by Red Book Magazine in 1994, only 11% of the mothers value their husbands' input when it comes to handling problems with kids. Looks like mom thinks she is the only one that can raise her child. Only 16 % of the women surveyed valued the advice of close friends & relatives.

Mothers, it is obvious that the old expression"It takes a community to raise a child" is as relevant today as it ever was. It should not be to sole responsibility of the mother to raise the child, because with this more and more fatherless homes are being produced at epidemic stages in America today.

Parenting is the most important job you will have as an adult. The problems with single mother parenting is clear, wide-spread, and serious. The decision of a marriage partner is obviously more important than ever before and not to be taken lightly.

In light of the society that we now live in I would give this advice: Wait at least two years after marriage before making a decision to have children. Raising children with two parents is a hard job but the results of trying to do it alone are disastrous.

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