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How Ignoring Fatherlessness Will Lead To The Destruction Of Mankind As We Knew It

Bold Statement

Yes, this is a bold statement but the destruction has already begun. Notice I say, in the title, as we knew it? Well, as a society we are turning a blind eye on what is perhaps the most important issue going on today. A Fatherless World!

Where are the fatherless helpline? What about the fatherless meetup area? There are none because talking about fatherlessness is Taboo and it will open up a lot of bad wounds most of us do not want to revisit.

What about you? Were you fatherless? Did your father abandon you? How do you know? These are just a few of questions "the fatherless" will suppress or ignore, and we wonder why "they" are so depressed.

How We Are Missing The Bus

Most of us are missing the bus because we were told a lie from our mothers. Yes, you were told your dad was a deadbeat or a loser and you just believed her. I want to use the bus analogy to prove my point.

Let’s say you are in a new city and you want to catch a bus to go downtown, which is a 10 min drive from your current location. You ask someone and they tell you to get on that 1st bus in a row of five buses. You never look at the front of the bus and you never ask any questions. You just get on the bus put your headphones in and enjoy the ride.

Now you realize a 10 min ride has turned into a 45 min drive and you are back where you came from. A lot of us who are fatherless are riding around in life on the wrong bus.

Ask questions about your dad as you would about your bus destination. Don’t be blindsided by what anyone tells you, even if it’s your mother.

Children Are Being Effected The Most

The saddest thing about this epidemic is our children are suffering the most. Where are the BCLM (Black Children Lives Matter) or the CLM (Children’s Lives Matter) marches? We keep ignoring these children and then get an attitude when they start causing destruction.

As a society we have to understand these children are our future politicians, doctors, lawyers, and mom and dads. If they are unhealthy as a child they’ll be unhealthy as adults. This is not rocket science.

These Children Becoming Adults, Hence The Cycle Continues

As I said earlier, these children are our future. Why are we ignoring their struggles? Why are their deaths being hidden in plain sight? Why hasn’t any recent President made them a priority?

We must know by now the destruction has already begun. Children are losing their minds because no one is concerned about what happened to them. There is no protection because daddies have been removed from the home.

So, now greater devastation is here. Children, most who are adults now, are starting to show the pain deep within themselves. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they are responding irrationally.

People, this starts at the beginning with who you decide to have a child with. This is not a game and our children should not be used as your pawns. Let’s get it together and stop this destruction from continuing

Who’s In Position To Help Turn This Around?

Great question and the answer is all of us. We hold the power to a better society in the future and it starts with fathers being back in their children’s lives (homes). We need to start preaching how important the father is in the development of our country and the world.

Let’s not allow crazy laws to hinder the relationship between father and child. Let’s not allow ourselves to be distracted by some other drama and forget our children are our future. We have to do better.

Leave a comment on how you think we can help turn this destruction around.

Tom Guu

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