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Mommies Were Once Little Girls Also-Don't Be To Hard on Them

How Did We Get Here

So, before you get all bent out of shape because of the life you were raised in, remember your mom was once a little girl also. So many little girls grew up in environments, without their fathers, that were not safe and have always wondered “if only my dad was here to protect me, my life may have taken a different turn”.  

These little girls have never gotten any quality-time with a loving father so they only portrait what they saw. No judgment on their mothers or their mother's mother. Because they probably only did what they saw.

Sad little girl

I can only speak about my life and the lives of those I was a part of. For me, this started over 50 years ago when my mom and thousands of other women in the same predicament allowed themselves to be fooled by the Government.

Yes, they were told that they would be taken care of but, they had to commit to one thing and that was the removal of the father of their children from the home. I believe if they knew how things would turn out they would've thought twice.

These women do not share all the blame, it was a collaboration of aspects that led us down this road.

They Needed Protection

How could we have slowed this tragedy over the years? I believe by going against what was done in the first paragraph of removing the man from the house.

I wish everyone would just put down their guards and start understanding if you have children, it’s not just about you anymore. Children need both mothers and fathers equally. Our children are suffering from this.

father and child

The father is important because he is the one who is supposed to protect. Now, it would silly of me to think no child would ever be abused if a strong father was in the home, but I believe these numbers would be astronomically smaller.

Looking at the Numbers

The numbers

Some statistics say 1 in 3 girls in the US have been sexually abused as a child. These numbers are insane and the fact that these are stats, which means we were able to count them, there are no actual numbers of the victims who never told anyone.

So, can anyone please explain to me how are these little are supposed to turn into super wives and super mothers who will function well in a family environment.

Of the women that I’ve met and who never had a strong father figure and were taken advantage of as a child were all very much broken so the best way to combat this is to bring the daddies back in the homes.

Please leave a comment on what you think about this problem of allowing our little girls to be assaulted when they are so innocent. Let’s do better. Please share this info with everyone you know!


Tom Guu

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