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Getting To The Root of Fatherlessness 1 & 2-Once and For All

It has been said that everything has a beginning and that is most likely where the root is. So, I’m going to talk from a different perspective because we spoke earlier about where this fatherlessness root could’ve originated. Instead, I want to focus on why is this continuing.

There can be but three main reasons a fatherless child is born when consent is involved. The number 3 reason is, that two irresponsible people are choosing to have unprotected sex, the number two main reason is a mother choosing the wrong man to inseminate her and the number three reason is a woman allowing a man to think a child is his and it is not. Remember the old phrase, "momma's baby, daddies maybe"? This reason produces so many fatherless children that are not being counted. Hence, fatherlessness continues.

A man has a choice but it is the woman who is the “keeper of the womb” if a woman grew up without her father than this statement carries very little weight. Again, a man is not relieved of all his responsibilities in this situation because he is the “carrier of the seed”. SpermOnce again if this man grew-up without his father then this statement will also carry very little weight also.

So, all we’ll have is men and women indiscriminately having sex with people they don’t care about and producing children they don’t care about. Thus, the cycle continues.

Let’s start at the beginning and when I say beginning I’m not talking about the beginning of this epidemic but instead the beginning of when a man and a woman are meeting for the first time.

Let’s take out a blank piece of paper and in the middle of this paper draw one straight line (up and down, but not off the paper) and then draw a curvy line on top of that straight line so that they intertwined (name this line M/W).

Two People

Next, on the right side of the paper draw a straight line in the up and down position about an inch from the edge of the paper (name this line M).

On the left side of the paper draw a curvy line (name this line W) about an inch in from the edge of the paper. Now draw an arrow from each line pointing it toward the M/W line. So, what you should see on your paper is a straight line in the middle of the page with a curvy line over the top of it and named M/F.

Next, you should have a curvy line on the left side of the paper, named W and a straight line on the right side of the paper named M. Lastly you should have one arrow line pointing inward from each outside line toward the M/W line. I should note that M stands for a man, W stands for woman and M/W stands for man/woman.

There should be a space on the left side of the paper from line W to Line M/W and another space on the right side from line M to line M/W. Those spaces are going to be the key to how we stop this fatherless epidemic. The thought process during that time will have to change for both M/W, especially, the keeper of the womb.


Ok, Let’s Get To The Root of Things Part 2


Last week I spoke about a diagram of how the fatherlessness issue gets started. So, on your right is the man and on the left is the woman. The middle graph indicates a man and a woman together sexually. The point I want to show you is that there is a gap between when a man and a woman first sees each other until the time they end up in bed or where ever they had sex. This gap is crucial to determining who has more control of the situation prior to ending up in bed.

There are a lot of dynamics that come into play when trying to determine this. Let’s assume both parties are single and unattached. Now, let say they are on a cruise and they first met prior to getting on the ship. Now, they are on the ship and their cabins are not close to one another. But they quickly find one another that night for dancing and drinking. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed and have unprotected sex and later find out she becomes pregnant from this encounter.

Who’s at fault? Well, since the sex has already happened, then they both are responsible 50/50. Now, back to my diagram, you see there is a gap between the time they first met to the time the ended up in bed. First of all, it takes more than a day to get to know someone before you have unprotected sex with that person.

During that gap, what was said about having protected sex? Who decided that it was ok to meet someone that morning then have unprotected sex later that night. This is happening all too often and we just haven’t found out a plan for it yet. Women have to protect their bodies against anyone who is going to hit and run. They have to really use their strength to do this. Men you really have to protect your seed. Don't give it to anyone who would not make a good mother for your children. And you should know by now what happens if you are not around the mother and seed when it's in the woman's stomach? Right?

You can get the answer right here!!

But again, no one has the right to tell anyone when and who to have sex with but when they produce a child this way, we all should be in an uproar.

Children Playing

Accountability is how every responsible adult should act, especially when it comes to producing children. Children are not a game to be played with. They will tell us this all the time.

Please watch this and see what you think.

Please leave a comment below or ask a question about what you think we can do to help solve this issue.


Tom Guu

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