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Our Children Deserve Better-Let's Help Them Now

So, who is really at fault here? Does it even matter at this point? Not unless we can talk about solutions. We can complain and blame each other until the cows come home but if all we are doing is talking then there will be no change. 

I continue to see every day the problems our children are having without the presence of their father being in their lives. Children are starting to get desperate. Anything goes these days and we as parents are sitting on our hands.

They are crying out to get attention any way they can because most of them, including me, never had their dad give them any encouraging words, ever. 

So parents, do you have any idea of what you are doing to your children when you bring them into this world with your dysfunction? Do you know that when you have children and then disappear from their lives that you are derelict of your duties as a parent?

children in Pain

Children these days are put at a more disadvantaged than ever before in history. With education and technology advancement over the past several decades, we as parents should be doing much better than we are. 

So, I ask again, who is really at fault? Well, it's all of us. Women you are responsible for every single thing you allow into your body to include, education, alcohol, drugs, and semen! 

Men, it is your duty to love and protect every single child you knowingly make from the time of conception to the end of your life. If we adhere by these two statements this world would be a better world. 

One last thing, I believe one of the worst aspects of our society is the blended family. Men, in your 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s please stop going to these colleges and sleeping with and impregnating these young childless girls then leaving them with the burden. 

Women, with 3, 4, and even 5 children please stop hooking up with guys who do not have any kids and putting that burden on him. We need strong fathers, with backbones, who were taught how to lead and protect their wives and kids from his biological father. 

This is important because both biological parents can raise young responsible adults with a vibrant energy that will attract other vibrant energy. We as a society have continued to drop the ball by setting our children up for failure. Our children deserve better.

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                                                         Fathers are most definitely needed

father and son

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