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Some Benefits to Becoming an Optimistic Person




I know it may seem strange to have an optimism blog on a fatherless website, but like I say all the time, I’m here to give help to any fatherless person anyway I can. This blog is going to help me explain that being an optimist can really help you with your health, your life expectancy, and your ability to be a good leader. This is something all of us can benefit from especially if you grew up without your dad.


How being optimistic helps heart health

Because your body and your mind work together, you can’t have one working well and the other all out of “wack” and expect to be doing well for yourself. In an earlier blog, I explained that the mind, body, and soul are all connected and if you wanted to be truly happy, you had to have a balance in all three. Here, is the same thing but I’m with only including two of the three.

Studies have shown that people who are depressed, stressed-out, or suffer from anxiety have a much greater chance to suffer some type of heart ailment. This is because when people are not practicing optimism their immune system becomes weakened and can lead to a lot of stress on the heart.


Being Optimistic can help your blood pressure and prevent infections

In addition to heart problems, avoiding being optimistic can bring on high blood pressure and the inability to fight off infections. There was a study done in Finland of several hundred men 50+ and it observed them for three years. The study concluded with the men who were more optimistic during that period, were three times less likely to develop high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is nothing anyone wants to play with. When we go to the doctors and our blood pressure is a little high, we are always put on some type of medication as the first step. What we need to be asked is “how are things going at home” or “how is work treating you”?


Did you know being optimistic can add years to your life?

Yes, that’s right, when you have a pleasing personality and are optimistic more often than not, you live longer, a staggering 42% longer, according to a study done from 1960-1990. Can you believe that? All you basically have to do is be positive and to can live longer.

Why is that? I suppose it has everything to do with the cells in your body and how they are affected when you keep a frown on your face along with bad thoughts in your head. So, stay in the moment and you will never have any problems.


Being an optimist can determine how well you lead

Can you imagine having a manager who was always negative? Always talking about how hard it is to accomplish the daily tasks? You certainly would not look at this person as being a good leader.

Leaders take responsibility for what they have to do and also hold their subordinates accountable. They have to be positive to be a good effective leader. Yelling doesn’t get it done anymore. She has to include her people and it’s easier to do this when she is optimistic.


Optimist encourages persistence

Like I said in the previous paragraph when a leader is optimistic, the team becomes optimistic. This helps the leader’s ability to encourage the team to be persistent in accomplishing the task for the day. Even when a task has not been met, the optimist leader will still remain positive and strive for a better outcome the next time.


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Tom Guu

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