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Some Solutions For Curing Fatherlesness-It's At least a Start

Where Are All The Solutions?

Every day, I sit and wonder when are we going to come up with any type of solutions for fatherlessness and I'm always disappointed with what I see. Every solution has been a band-aid effect solution. You know when you see solutions that help kids by bringing them to some type of camp or bringing mentors to them.

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Now, don't get me wrong, all of these avenues are great but all they really do is help some fatherless children cope with living without their father.


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It's almost as if we are medicating the fatherless problem. We need to be looking for ways the cure the "disease". By curing I mean actually ending the fatherless epidemic as we know it. I believe I have the answer and many will not agree with me but that's ok.

So, Where Do We Start?

fathers helping child"Loving My Daddy"

Of course, getting the father back in the home would be my first step as I mentioned earlier. Then we have to stop the flow of fatherless children from coming. To do this there are going to be a lot of people who are going to have their feeling crushed. This is not my intention but some drastic measures need to be implemented and right now.

We can do this by doing something no one else is talking about and that is giving children the tools to ask their parents why they chose each other to have them. This concept may seem a little odd to most but think about it. What if we could teach children how to respectfully ask their parents these questions. Do you think if we gave children a little power to do this will this make parents in the future think twice?

What Would They Ask?

Children would be able to respectfully ask questions about how they met, who pursued first. They would also be able to ask was I a mistake? Did you talk about having children before having me?questions

These are the type of questions that are going to make a man or a woman think twice before just randomly having intercourse and not being responsible. Giving children or anyone the tools will make changes in society if done correctly.

Why Do I Think This Would Work

I really think men and women do not honor the role of being parents so they will have sex with anyone just to get that thrill. However, when that thrill turns into an unwanted child then we have a big problem.

The problem you see is everywhere, from the shootings all over the country to the straight-up fatherless children born on a daily basis. These children need to have a voice and I'm here to help them. I did ask my mother questions about my father and you know my answer if you've read all my blog pages.

sadness"Needing Some Answers"

I needed to ask more questions so my mom would've realized how not having a father in my life has impacted me and millions of others in this country and around the world. We have to start doing something because what we've been doing hasn't worked.

Become a coach/or Next Level Coaching and you will be doing your part. You can even make some good change in the process.

Become a mentor and you could be making a positive impact in a child's life.

Check your anger at the door so your children can learn from a nice person.

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Please leave a message and give some solutions you think would help this problem. Please share also.


Tom Guu

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