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What Have You Accomplished-Are You Proud of It?

Why This Store Exists

Let me explain to you the purpose of this site. It's called The Fatherless Store for a reason and that reason is so you as a fatherless person can have somewhere to come to get the help you need for a specific ailment, to let the world know that even though you were fatherless, you were able to do some amazing things and to vent about your story before ending on a positive note.


The Fatherless Store opened its establishments on April 8, 2019, because I felt there was a pressing need for helping the fatherless.

The Fatherless Store

The original logo


So, let's break each one of these areas down. First, a place where the fatherless can get help with any negative issues going on in their lives. If there is one thing I know I've had in my life, as a result of being fatherless, are some negative issues. Then, I thought to myself, what if I can create a place where any fatherless, man woman or child can come to get help with any pressing issues they might be experiencing and have it all in one spot. The Fatherless Store is that creation.

Yes, a place where right now we have teamed up with different platforms that specialize in areas like, depression, drinking less alcohol, saving a marriage, starting a business, and conquer shyness/anxiety.

This is just the beginning. I chose these important areas of concern because of my experiences with each and knowing there are many of you who are too.

Next, a place where you can show the world what you have accomplished despite being fatherless. Yes, go to the store and buy an already made shirt that fits your situation or create one on your own.

Remember, the accomplishment has to actually be yours in order for you to feel the effects. All I ask is that you be positive with what you put on your shirt (your accomplishment). It is my wish that when you put on your shirt and wear it that you feel better about your accomplishment (no matter how small) and are proud also. 

Some examples can be, using my 2 brands (I'm Fatherless But... or I'm a Daddy-Less Daughter But...) on the front of your shirt and your accomplishment on the back. For example, I made it through meds school, I graduated from high school, or I own The Fatherless Store (ok, that last shirt can only be made for me) smile. But you get the picture.

Finally, at the end of each blog, you can get involved by telling your story and how you accomplished what you have despite being fatherless. Not to blame anyone but just to know you did do something great.

Areas You Might've Excelled In

I know there are millions of you who have excelled in greatness and yes you were, of course, fatherless and did not let that hinder you.  So, think back to when you got your big break after thinking there was no way you were going to do something this big because your dad was not there.

Well, you did it and you should be proud of it. We have a lot of fatherless brothers and sisters who never made any significant changes in their lives. But they are still apart of the fatherless family. 

See the example below of the -I'm a Daddy-less Daughter But... shirt of a woman who is, of course, the Boss. We can really have fun with these shirts by showing off our achievements. It is my wish that someone will see the front of your shirt and ask to see the back of it to see your accomplishment and be happy for you.


It is also my dream that the fatherless will give a helping hand to another identified fatherless person wearing a shirt. I know this sounds weird but can you imagine wearing your I'm Fatherless But I'm a Great Mom, Says My Kids shirt to the grocery store and you are short 15.00 on your bill and needed everything you you have on the counter. It is my dream that another fatherless person (not wearing their shirt) would step in and take care of it for you. Then send them back to The Fatherless Store so they can get help with improving their life. The fatherless helping the fatherless. 

So, use the comment section to tell us the areas in which you excelled in, and remember it doesn't matter how small.

People, You Might've Influenced

Who have you influenced, who was fatherless? I would like to know because there are stories all over the planet where fatherless men and women have become super famous and they were influenced by people just like you. 

Another twist to this question is who was fatherless and they empowered you. Tell that person's name. We need to know of all the greatness the fatherless has done in the past and now.



The teacher who influenced me the most was my math teacher, Mr. Neagle, from Roosevelt Jr-Sr High School, in Roosevelt NY class of 1981. I'm not sure if Mr. Neagle is still living but if he has a family then they should be proud that their dad/grand-dad, brother or husband impacted a fatherless boy to do something great. 

Shout out the person who influenced you so they can know that what they did for a fatherless child was priceless. Share with the world how your teacher, coach or anyone else who made a difference in your life and that they are one of the reasons why you made it to where you are today.

Why You Need To Be Noticed

The reason you need to be noticed is that being fatherless is hard enough but being fatherless and aspiring others is a whole new level. You aspired a young fatherless child who grew into something amazing and here at The Fatherless Store we want to give you your just due.

People all over the world have done their part to help the fatherless but all we hear is all the bad that we display.

Well, we keep it positive here. We want to know what you did, to inspire a fatherless child, so we can learn from it and pass it on to future generations.

One of the courses we offer is the child self-esteem coaching certification. I believe everyone should do some type of coaching during their lifetime. You can become a coach and provide for your family in the process.

It's a win-win. And by doing a great job you just might have someone mention your name at The Fatherless Store saying how you changed their life. Become a coach today and provide for your family too!! No Degree is Needed!

Are You Embarrassed by Your Fatherless Past? 

I know, we all have a serious story to tell and it makes us feel embarrassed about our upbringing, but here at The Fatherless Store, we don't care about what happened in the past but instead, we concentrate on how you overcame all the odds to make something great of ourselves. 

We want to keep the negativity down because it not about being negative but it's all about the positive we have accomplished despite coming from a negative situation (being fatherless).

When I first thought about making a shirt with word fatherless on it I had to think to myself how can I make something positive out of such a negative word and that's where the word But... can in. So, I'm Fatherless But...means there is something missing to this statement and this is where you will write your accomplishment. No matter how old you are, man woman or child. You can create your own product and be proud of, not being fatherless, but what you have accomplished in spite of it.

We Are a Family So Let Us Know Your Story

Yes, if you are fatherless or know someone who is fatherless then you must know we are a family and are here to help each other out, not tear each other down. This is the only fatherless brand on the planet and you can be a part of it. 

Once again, this store is for the fatherless, but if you are not fatherless but may be experiencing some of the issues that we are then, of course, we want you to get better.

Now, don't forget to write your key influencer or who you influenced (who was fatherless) who is doing some amazing things now. Tell your story!

Thanks again for reading this blog and do be safe and enjoy your holiday season with your family and please share.


Tom Guu


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