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Why am I Being Punished, Mom?- Please Explain?

Children all over the world are asking this question of why they are being punished. They want to know why were they given men, who were not capable of being good fathers, to be the chosen ones?

I remember asking my mother and she told me something standard. I was told he has gotten married and basically moved on. It was the truth but not the entire truth.

As I do my research and look at all of the different situations of fatherlessness, I am appalled at what I am finding. Children are just not being taken care of seriously. We are not making it a priority to take care of our children once they arrive. And it’s getting worse.

Sad Little Girl

I saw a situation where a child was moved from his place of residence to live with a relative in another state, without notifying the father. The child wants to know why the man he grew up with has all of a sudden has cut off all communication. This man must be a bad person you think? You have to know the entire story before you make your judgment.

These types of stories are occurring all over the world, and not much is being done about it. These children feel as if they are being punished for wanting to be with their fathers. They can’t express the love for their dad because this will make their mothers mad. What a horrible situation to be in.

When are we going to start making sure that a child's way of thinking does matter?

How are we as a society, going to allow children to be brought into situations where they feel like they are being punished for a reason that is not their fault?

Children should be able to express how they feel about the parent who is not in the home with them without being ridiculed for it. This is destroying the self-esteem of our children and this is not a good thing.

If you are a child who needs someone to talk to or ask a question in private, seek out a teacher or a responsible adult.

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Tom Guu

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