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Why Child Support Is A Detriment To The Children It Supports

The Beginning

When I was a child living in a household with 5 other fatherless children, none of us received not even a dime from any of the 4 fathers my mom allowed herself to get pregnant with. We struggled the entire time with the help of only the measly amount the Government paid her.

Now, I never said to myself that if we just had a little more money from our dads life would've been great. No, most fatherless children only care about the time they wished they had with the father being their.

The Reason It's A Detriment

A few weeks ago a lady online got pregnant by a celebrity and she ended the relationship shortly after giving birth. Now it has been reported that he has th pay child support in the range of $10's of 1000's per month. WTF!!! This is truly an embarrassment on our society to think that the mother deserves that amount of money and the gall to call it child support.


I feel sorry for this child because he will fall through the cracks and end up in "The Fatherless Pipeline". His father will not be living under the same roof as his child so the child will suffer even though his dad will live a luxurious life.

Problems The Child Will Face Living Like This

The main problem with this is that he or she will have everything given to them. They will not develop hard working skills. And, since he will be around his mother most of the time he will be more feminine. And this is not good for little boys.

Also, since the father is spending big money as soon as the child gets a certain age the connection will begin to fade because you have to be around your children in order to keep the connection.

How To Fix This

I believe if we had a stardard amount for each tax bracket then have a standard amount for each child then divide the rest of the money up between the children.

Ok, lets say a woman is awarded $44,500 per month for three children and the standard amount for each child is $5000.00 per children So, she will be awarded $15000 per month child support to take care of the 3 children. That's $180,000 per year or upper middle-class. 


With the remaining $29,500 per month, it should be divided up 3 ways and put in a trust to accumulate until the children become adults (18 yo).

So, that's $9833.33 per month put into each child's trust, since this is CHILD SUPPORT! 

Then each child should will get their payments as followed:

25% of their total at 18 years old

25% of their total at 21 years old

the remaining 50% and any extra at 25 years old.

That way the children would be compensated correctly for all the hard work their dads did.

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Tom Guu

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