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Show The World What You've Accomplished Despite Being Fatherless

Remember, just because you are fatherless, doesn't mean you can't!

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Look at what I've accomplished even though I grew up fatherless:

-24 total years of honorable military service U.S. Army, 3 tours in Korea, 1 Tour Germany, 1 Tour Iraq/Kuwait, Georgia 3 times (Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield twice), Louisiana once (Fort Polk) and more

-7+ years United States Postal Service, Marietta Branch, Goldsboro Branch

-6 years working as a production machine operator (12hr swing shifts)

-1 year as a OTR professional truck driver, driving the east coast to the mid-west and 3 times to Canada during that year

What is The Fatherless Store?

The Fatherless Store is a platform I created because I wanted to have a place where the fatherless could come to get the help they need. 

In addition to getting the help they need, here at The Fatherless Store you can design your very own product to let the world know that despite being fatherless and you were able to do some amazing things.

Below you are going to get information on how to combat some of society’s most common problems we are all experiencing, especially the fatherless.

Why The Fatherless Store?

Be proud of what you've accomplished, no matter how small!

As you read above you can tell I've worn many different hats in my early days but being fatherless still made it a struggle. I've had my challenges of trying to do it all alone without the guidance of my father. 

Being fatherless also brings on many other problems but you can still make something of yourself in spite of it. Check out some of my blogs and see have this problem is impacting us all..


The purpose of this site is to do something no one else on the planet is doing and that's to help you show the world that despite being fatherless you made something of yourself. Design your own item to show the world your greatness.

In addition to helping you show the world what you've accomplished, here at The Fatherless Store we want to help you with some of the challenges you may be experiencing. See the "Helping The Fatherless" tab for more information. 

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Scammed from Online Business

Some challenges I had to deal with. Maybe you have too.

The future plans for this store is to have a place where any fatherless person can come for inspiration and help to improve their lives. 

Go back to the home page and look at my blog to show you how passionate I am about the fatherless problem. Help yourself then help others with what you learn here.

Tom Guu