The Only Self-Improvement Platform On The Planet Made Specifically For Empowering The Fatherless Adult


What exactly is The Fatherless Store?

The Fatherless Store is a platform I created so fatherless adults can come to get help they need. Be it a shirt that makes them feel good, help with any other glaring issue or just a place where they can fit in and not be judged.


What is your policy on shipping?

Our shipping policy says we'll have your product at your home in 4-8 business days of your purchase. We take pride in ensuring you get the best service.


What about your return policy?

We really hope you won't ever have to use this service but if for some reason you have to, you'll have 15 days to return your item in order to get a refund.


So, why exactly should I buy from The Fatherless Store?

Well, if you made it here then I must assume you are fatherless. So with that I know your pain and what you are going through. I want every fatherless person to make something good of themselves and I believe it all starts here.


Besides buying a shirt what else can I get from The Fatherless Store?

I know from experience that being fatherless can bring on a lot of personal issues so I teamed up with a few companies that will be able to assist you with dealing with some of the areas of concerns I dealt with. For instance, Help with Depression, who hasn't been depressed, Start a Business, by helping a child (most likely fatherless) you can be earning a great living while helping a child in need, Drink Less Alcohol, been there done that, and Conquering Your Shyness and Anxiety, our children can really use this area (our grown-up too). I'm working on getting you some Anger Management Help classes and Parenting Help classes so I can assist the fatherless in other areas of need. 

Go to the help tab at the top of this page for all we have to offer.



Tom Guu