The Only Self-Improvement Store For The Fatherless Adult

How to Design

To design your own personalized product is quite simple, here are your steps:

1.Click on the "Create" button to get inside.

2. Click on the "Product" you wish to design, for example, women, men, cup, sweatshirt etc.

3. Click on designs and choose one of my Brand names "I'm Fatherless But..." or I'm a Daddy-less Daughter But...", for the front then add any of the shapes provided to give it some real substance.Pink Back

4. Click the "Text" button and on the back of the shirt you will write what it is you have accomplished despite being fatherless. Be creative with your text but also be Positive. For example I'm Fatherless But on front and I got my Master's in ..... on the back. You understand what I'm trying to say.  Be Positive!

Make sure you tell the world that despite being fatherless and going through all your struggles, you made something of yourself and you're proud to let the world know you did.


Remember I'm Fatherless But...then put something you are proud or grateful for.

Tom Guu