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A Fatherless Son's Pain- Where Did it Really Start?

Recently a famous rapper was killed by a man who apparently lived in the same neighborhood. So, today I'm going to talk about the fatherless son's pain and where did all this start. No one is talking about this like I am.

I know this was a tragic day for his neighborhood but can anyone tell me how a man can walk up to another man and gun him down in broad daylight in front of one of the stores that he built for his people? I am going to express this from a different angle. Although I never met the shooter, there are things I know about him already.

He's Fatherless

fatherless child

I am willing to bet that the man who pulled the trigger was a man who never knew his father or had a bad connection with him. There is something wrong with a person who has no empathy or conscience for what he is about to do. This man was hurting inside from something and that something happened a long time ago, with his father not being there, probably being the first thing. Fatherlessness is real and the pain is real. When we finally decide to get to the root cause of all of this madness, then we will be able to see some change.

He's in Pain

Yes, this young man is in pain and there are millions of young men just like him who are feeling the same pain. He should not be exonerated for what he did but we can not continue to cover up the pain that happened to us when we were young. What do you suppose to happen to this young man when he first came into this world?

He was reported to be 29 years old. How many of those years were good years? Maybe none. Why was he forced to live in an area where violence was so prevalent? There so many questions to be answered.

The only reason this is being broadcasted is because of how popular the deceased was. What about the young man who got an "F" on a test and was shot later on that day because he wasn't cool enough?

He was Depressed

depressed man

This is a problem we as a society are overlooking and we are getting harmed every day from it. These fatherless children are being born every day and their lives appear to be over before it starts.

Depression is running wild in our society and as we can see it is hurting us all. Can we really expect to make a difference if we are not helping these boys before they come into the world?

If you are depressed, here is a free book for you to download. See if this will help. 

 Where Did This All Start?

In my opinion, we have to teach our women how to choose the correct man to be fathers to their children. These women are obviously hurting inside themselves and they had no guidance.

They need a tool to help them find the correct man in advance so their children will have a father throughout their life. This is being missed by so many people. 

Yes, I'll say it again, women need to be taught at an early age, from their fathers, so that they will know what it's like to have the self-esteem and confidence to draw a caring and respectable man to them at the beginning.

Both women and men need to be raised in a loving and caring environment so they will be able to become better people who make better choices.

Once Again

Ok, I want to reiterate why I'm saying this senseless murder could have been prevented. The problem started 29 years ago when this man was born then forced to be raised an environment not stable for raising children properly.

When you have a child and they are not nurtured with love and respect we get what we got a few days ago. The man was lost and out of it and if he has children they are going to be the same way.

fatherless girl have children

So, as a society we need to stop having children that we do not want to have because those children become fatherless first, then depressed with low self-esteem, anxiety, drinking too much and a lot of built-up pain, just waiting for a chance to explode.

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Tom Guu

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