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Being Fatherless During The Holidays-Can Be a Struggle Sometimes

What I went through

All I can remember is how up and down things were during the holidays. You see the man put in place was an alcoholic and abusive. Although he would do good things like buying a turkey or Christmas tree, he and his drinking would always mess things up.

Being fatherless during the holidays just adds more to the negatives we find ourselves going through because of it. Studies show that this time of the year some people are more likely to be depressed. I wonder if these studies take into consideration whether any of these people are fatherless, and are those numbers higher.

I understand that this week’s blog post seems a bit negative but we have to understand that not having a father anytime is bad but not having one during these times is even worse.

Being Poor

If you are fatherless or were fatherless growing up then you were most likely poor. Some of us were poorer than others. I believe we were really poor. Sometimes no heat and it can get really cold during this time of year in NY. 

Christmas present

Some of us will not get any gifts and minimum food since we would have to save most of the food stamps for the end of the months for these two holidays. It would be brutal sometimes. It would also be embarrassing to have to go back to school after the holidays with no new clothes.

To be poor and fatherless also meant there was no male authority, which meant we would do things like steal from stores during these times. No father meant, no money, meant no guidance, meant no food and we would have to do what we had to survive.

Being fatherless and poor is not a new phenomenon, all this happened during the ’60s and ’70s for me. It has gotten even worse because society has really neglected the fact of the father's importance to his children.

Change is Coming

The day is coming where we will all have the chance to find out why we were fatherless and find out from the most reliable source on Earth, our Mothers!

Yes, as of this day I am currently writing a book that is going to do just that. All of us really want to know even though we may say we don’t care.

I believe that day will come where the majority of children will grow-up with their fathers in the home with them and society will have to take a back seat to all the calmness this will bring.

Children at Christmas

Can you imagine living in a society where people are helping each other instead of hurting them? Fathers are protecting their wives and their biological children, a society where it’s common to have a man living in the house with his “wife” and all the children in that house are from both of them.

The Fatherless Store

My plan is to make The Fatherless Store the start of all of this. First, by finally being willing to show the world that you are not a bad person or loser but you are just fatherless and have done some amazing things despite it.

When we hear the word fatherless, we think of something or someone bad, but hear at The Fatherless Store you can tell the world differently by getting your own personalized shirt or getting one that’s already made that fits your situation.

If you’re struggling with any of the other common problems we are having during this time, check out the “Helping The Fatherless” tab above and get the assistance you need.

 Happy Holidays To You and Yours

I do wish you can enjoy your family time during this time of the year. I believe a family starts with a strong father leading and guiding the family. If you are fatherless or know someone who is then I truly wish the best for you or them during some trying days.

Please leave a comment on how your holiday season is going so far and anything else you would like to know about me and the store.

If you have a question you'd like to ask me in a more private setting, go the and leave me your question there.

Tom Guu



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