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Children Growing up in America Without Dad-The Real Truth of How Bad It Is

The fatherless children in America are everywhere and they are hurting from this as well. This is continuing to be ignored even though it is perhaps one of the main root causes of everything negative that is happening in society today, in my opinion.

From how bad our schools are to the way schools are being used as "farm systems" for the prisons. Most children in public schools are at a disadvantage in many aspects.

Our fatherless children, in general, are not given a fair shot and as a result, they have a lot of emotional problems, which makes them feel like they are just not equipped to be successful in school.

Fatherless Children in Schools

The public school system has not done much in helping these fatherless children but this might not even be their fault. Some of these schools do not get enough money for even the basics, like books and paper. I've known many teachers who were friends of mine and they all are coming out of their pockets with money just to pick up books for their children who are growing up without a father in the house.

Also, the schools today are more violent than when I came through. I'm not saying it was perfect back then but today children are straight-up frightened to go to school. Just a few weeks ago a young girl lost her life after a school fight with a classmate.

The mother of that child allegedly contacted the school and complained about her child being bullied on numerous occasions. Here is my problem, by looking at the family photos that were shown, there is a good chance that this little girl did not have her father in her life, and I can almost bet that the child who was allegedly accused of the fighting was probably fatherless too or had a bad father upbringing.

We have to start understanding the importance of having the father of our children in that house, at all times. There was another instance where a 5-year-old girl was caught performing a sexual act on a 5-year-old boy. Of course, this little girl didn't have a father. Does she even deserve to be punished or just get some help? Or who should be punished for this act?

Where did she learn how to do these embarrassing things? I've also seen (as a mailman) that fatherless teenagers are more involved in sex then they are in their school work. There has to be an underlying factor for why all this is happening and my answer is the fatherlessness problem that is occurring throughout the nation.Sad Fatherless Child

So, I'm thinking to myself, why are teenagers more willing to act out in sex then pay attention to their school work. I have to say low self-esteem has a lot to do with it. These children are in these fatherless homes and they are prey to any fool willing to take them, and once this occurs, there are usually no actions brought against the offenders because they are in most cases never exposed.

Then the children have to go to school with all this drama inside them and are expected to perform well. This is a travesty! This is one of the main reasons why I'm doing this blog. I want us to come together and start preventing these things from happening in the first place. 

Fatherless Children in The Prison System

About 8 out of 10 youths in prison are fatherless. What does this say? To me, this says that our future is very bleak unless we can turn this around. This also means that when these youths finally do get out there are minimal programs waiting for them. They are more than likely to become promiscuous, get someone pregnant and there goes another generation.

Fathers need to be involved before it gets to this point. I get tired of hearing that fathers are not all that important when we see the evidence in different areas of life, and worldwide. What is it going to take? We've had deaths, beatings at school, murders, robberies, kidnappings, what else is it going to take for us as a society to put fatherless up at or near the top of the priority list.

I often wondered, if we continue doing what we are doing how are we going to be as a society and I come up with Disastrous. Our children are going to prison at an alarming rate and all we can do is blame them. I know they should know better but they are proving that they don't know how to fix this? Or do we just hope and pray things to turn around. I'm here to tell you nothing is going to turn around unless we produce ACTION!

Fatherless Children in The News

Just look at the news every single day and you will see how fatherlessness is ruining our cities, states and the country. It is a total mess, but it must not be that bad because where is the outrage?

There is an outrage for a lot of other things going on in the world today and, I'm here to tell you, that most of the tragedy being talked about today can be linked to a fatherless person or a person who grew up with a negative father relationship.

I really believe most of all the negative happening in the world today comes back to a negative or no father upbringing. Just looking at the news over the past few weeks, a famous rapper was murdered, a college woman was kidnapped then murdered and an elementary school student was involved in a fight in which she later lost her life. What is the main constant of all three instances? Someone or all the people involved were fatherless.

Enough is enough we are losing to many good people to the madness and something has to be done and done right now. No more being nice and worried about someone's feelings.

Young children are being gunned down by stray bullets in some neighborhoods and there is not a father in sight. We can not as a society continue to allow our children to suffer from all this madness.

Fatherless Children In The System

This is a big one and is being overlooked. The children in the system, meaning the foster care system, or being without a father or a mother. There are some good foster care parents but the few who aren't being good to the children are the ones I'm talking about. How many times have you heard an adult who grew up in the foster care system and tells of the horrors of their life in the system?

From moving from home to home and being molested in each home and not getting any help for it. What are we doing to our children? Some of this molestation is being done by the bad parents and some are being done by other wounded children living in the same house.

Like I said before strong fathers in the homes of these children will turn all of this stuff around. All it takes is to get a voice out to the masses to let everyone know this is a real problem and it is affecting all of us.

Fatherless Children in Denial

The last thing I want to talk about is the fatherless children in denial. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a fatherless child say, I didn't have my father in my life and I turned out ok. Really?

I guess it all depends on what you call ok. Every person has a different way of describing ok. In my opinion, if you were fatherless and you have fatherless children then, your life was not ok because now it's not just about your life, it's your children's life also, and they will never tell you how bad life has been without their dad.

They will keep it in like I did all these years and I'm still struggling, in some areas, even today. I think most children will not tell their mothers they miss their dads because this might cause some animosity.

No child wants to make their mom mad since she is the only one taking care of them. So, they just keep it all in, and in some cases never tell their mother the pain they went through without having a father in their life.

 This can be a very difficult life growing up like this. But once they are out and on their own the pain will surface again with the type of men or women they choose. This denial will not only hurt the fatherless person but their children as well because now they will start saying the same things they heard growing up: like I didn't have my daddy in my life and I turned out ok.Fatherless Children

So, you see how this can become a pattern and should not be placed on your children like that. Now, by seeing all the devastation I listed above, and believe me I was being as mild as I could, we as a society must understand the importance of a positive, respectful father being in the home with his children by helping to bring out the best self-esteem in them. No more excuse. Let's let the world know because we all need to help turn this around.

Please share a comment and let us know how important you think changing fatherlessness around is for our society today and please share this information.


Tom Guu

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