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Because helping the fatherless is so important to me, I put together a list of the organizations helping this process. Please contact them for more information on what they do.

 Growing Up Without a

This is a platform geared to helping fatherless adults express their true pain from being fatherless. We definitely need a platform as such because as a society we only track fatherless children. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search on fatherless adults and see what you get. The answer is nothing.

This was something I always wondered about, and that is how many fatherless people, that’s men, women and children do we have living in America or even the World. Those numbers are probably staggering.

I like this site because, like me, this man (CEO/Founder) is an older gentleman who has a vision of attacking this tragedy from a different angle.

His organization is helping many fatherless adults by creating a place called “Center For Fatherless Adults”. It holds seminars so the fatherless can express their pain of growing up fatherless and the struggles they went through because of it.

Can you imagine having a place where you can go and share your life’s experience, to get support from a group of people who went through the same circumstances you went through?

I also have a platform similar to this one but it’s internet-based and it's for everybody fatherless. It’s called “Questions From The Fatherless” and I created it for the same reason, so any fatherless person can ask a question and get a real answer from me or one of my fatherless staff members.

National Fatherhood is a platform that I use a lot. If you have been reading my blogs for a while then you know I have plenty of their work on my site. It is a phenomenal organization. Their main emphasis is helping communities help fathers become better dads with training and other resources.

They have all types of training programs if you would like to start up a fatherhood organization in your area.  You can receive certification in three areas that will give your organization prestige for doing what it does in assisting fathers.

They also have a program called the “Inside Out Dad” program which caters to fathers in prison and coming home soon. This is an excellent program. They are catching these men and letting them know they can still make things right. Again, if this is a program you would like to run in your area. Just give them a call at 301-948-0599 or email them at

This platform is great because they are all about helping anyone interested in helping fathers, by giving actual statistics of how much we need to make changes in the way things are being conducted. Their goals are to provide the most up to date research that will encourage fatherhood and families.

By The Numbers

This site will also help dads who need some insight on how to be a productive father. It’s hard to find a place that will do this and not make you feel uncomfortable.

They also have events, webinars that are geared to helping fathers and families. We sure need this organization in order to help the family structure stay intact.

They have a lot of other resources and it is all for the betterment of fathers and families. To contact them at 1-877-4-DAD-411 that’s  1-877-432-3411 or email them at

America’s Fatherless

Another great organization that is doing their part to help change this epidemic of fatherlessness. They are helping fatherless and any at-risk children who need some structure in their lives.

Their mission is to build a network of churches, ministries, businesses, civil organization and non-profits that transforms our country to connect at-risk and fatherless children with mentors.

Their strategy to do this is by providing excellently trained mentors who care about building our children up.

Having Fun

They also show an emphasis on changing the mindset of these at-risk children by helping them believe that they are something and they can make a positive impact in the lives of others who are experiencing the same struggles.

If you don’t know by now, here at The Fatherless Store any fatherless can make a statement by wearing the only fatherless brand on the planet and letting the world know what they’ve accomplished despite being fatherless.

To contact them, do so at or call 352-669-0000.

No Longer

This is an organization located in Volusia and Flagger counties in Florida. So for anyone reading this blog and you are in those areas then this part is for you. Their mission is to provide mentorship to any fatherless child who is suffering from issues that come along with being fatherless.

We need more mentors and coaches to help out our children. They are going through some bad times now so we all need to do our part to make life a little better for them now.

As I stated many times on my website you can become a coach and make a good living through my store The Fatherless Store. Just go to find out more.


What also makes this organization a great place to check out is their motto which is “Mentoring, Equipping and Empowering Boys to Become Successful Men". That’s awesome!

When coming to their website you have the option of becoming a mentor or finding a mentor for your son.

You can reach them at 386-214-0880.


This company is for those of you who are located in the Dallas area. This is another outstanding program that is all about mentorship. We can never have enough mentors. They also have after school programs and programs supporting families.


This is a religious-based platform and does a great job of implementing this into the minds of these children and their parents.

There is an inspirational video on the home page that you will certainly enjoy. It talks about a man who had his father in his life and because of it how important he feels every child should have that same feeling.

To contact them do so at

Power of

This organization pretty much helps all types of fatherless children and fatherless adults. I saw their page and realized they were a perfect fit to be inside of The Fatherless Store. 

Please check them out if you are an adult who grew up fatherless or a single mother needing help with mentoring their children.

Two locations

Saginaw Power of Dad

P.O. Box 294

Saginaw MI 48606

Phone: (989) 249-0951
Fax: (989) 771-2346

MT. Pleasant Power of Dad

Potters House Family Worship Center

5346 East Deerfield Road,

Mount Pleasant, MI

Phone: (989) 772-5681  

Fax: (989) 772-8733  


All of the companies listed above are doing great things to help our fatherless and at-risk children. It would be a great thing to donate to do your part in this process.


Please leave a comment below and tell of what you’re doing to help our children who are having challenges and please share.


Tom Guu

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