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Fatherless Sons Effects-On Self and Relationships

When a boy is fatherless there are so many emotions he goes through during his younger years. He is often left to figure it out all by himself. This is why the fatherless son's effects need to be monitored by everyone close to him. We, as a society, have dropped the ball on this one.

So, now we have sons who are learning from the streets. If we want to change this, lets help give these boys a chance so they can become fathers who would first, know how to choose the correct woman, then stay with that woman throughout their children's lives and beyond.

Teaching Sons What to Look For in the Right Mate

When teaching a boy what to look for in a mate he must first understand what is good. First of all, good means "a good woman" from which he will have children. Good meaning, can this woman teach his daughter how to be a respectful woman.

Fatherless women



The only way he can do this is by knowing what respect is himself. Learning this respect was supposed to come from his father and how he treated his wife. This can become very difficult if he's fatherless. But, let's try.

Let's suppose you are a fatherless boy and you want to know if the girl you are attracted to is a good fit for the future mother for your children. First of all, in my opinion, the number one disqualifying factor of becoming a parent as a man and woman is fatherlessness. You have to find out if this woman had her father in her life or not. If she has, you may proceed, but if she has not, do not move too fast with becoming intimate.

I know friends who will say "I didn't have my father in my life and I'm a good parent". First of all the only one who can say if you are a good parent is the one you are parenting, your children. Anyway, that is the main attribute every person should look for in a person if they want to have children with them. Did they have a respectful and available father in their life?

Why Fatherless Sons Hide Their Feelings

My reason for why sons hide their feelings is, to not hurt their mother's feelings. I think they realize that mom is doing so much to take care of them that even if something isn't right for them they won't say a word. This when it all starts. So, in a sense, the boy is lying to himself at an early age.

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Fatherless boys have suffered more than enough by the time he becomes adults this is when the struggles intensify. Every day, I see on the news, a young man has shot another man or has been shot, and the first thing I think of is, were they fatherless? More often then not they were. This usually happens when all of what has been hidden within finally comes out. This is tragic!

Why Fatherless Sons Dislike Their Dads

I know everyone wants to say because his dad was not there for him, and this may be true. But there is another reason not many people are talking about it. I've dated plenty of single moms and most of their sons say they can't stand their fathers and some will say they even hate him.

In most cases, they never even met their dad. So, can someone tell me how can a son feel so bad about someone he never met? In some cases, the son is being filled with a lot of negative talk from his mother. I know this because it has happened to me.

Can you imagine being in a house with your mother and not be able to say how much fun you had when you visited your dad because she will be mad or get angry about it? There are so many things that occur in the house that is not being mentioned and I'm doing my best to put out what I know.

Food For Thought For Why Fatherless Son Have so Much Anger

Let's imagine a child has just been conceived and the entire nine months there have been problems with you two. The child is born and he seems very emotional all the time. Why is this happening? I'm no psychologist but is it possible for a child to receive negative vibes from his mother through the umbilical cord?

I just think if a child is conceived with guilt or hate then the child would have to receive that from their mother. Guilt could come from haven slept with another man, getting pregnant and knowing the child does not belong to the man in the picture (the husband), or a conversation was had about having children and you both agreed on no kids, then the woman decides to have one without the man knowing, this can be a form of guilt and this could be passed down to her children. Is this possible? This is something that needs to be researched more.

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