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Growing Up Without A Father-Why Drastic Help Is Needed Now!

Growing up without a father has become so common these days we have to wonder if anyone even cares anymore. The devastation this has caused has been unprecedented. Our children are suffering as the father's role has been neglected. We as a society have got to see what this is doing and look to find a solution to stop this.

father and son

Stop what you ask? Just watch your local and national news. You will see devastation everywhere. From children being molested to being left in cars to go shopping, set on fire, abused in some of the most horrific ways and all we are doing is sitting on our hands.

Everyone is being affected by this, therefore everyone qualifies to help. When I say everybody I do mean everybody because even if you are not fatherless you are all still being affected.

Our father's presence is so important that if we do not help in resolving this tragedy, we are all in for some very painful days ahead.

How Did All This Devastation Originate

So, how did this tragedy start? Well, growing up I remember never having a man in our house who could show us love and teach us how to be a man who would love and protect his wife and children. I saw a man who was nice when he didn't drink but mean as hell when he did.

Back then I never thought to think about what happens to this man to allow alcohol to destroy him like that. Who hurt him when he was a child and where was his dad, or what type of dad was his father. This is what we all need to think about when we know someone has a mean streak in them. Naturally, a child is born with goodness in their heart unless something happened to them while in their mother's stomach.

The next time you look at the news and see some gory story about a murder, an intentionally set fire or a school shooting. Ask yourself, what happened to that person when they were a child? Who, violated them and left scars within them to make them do this horrible act? Was the father present and performing his duties as a father. Then ask yourself, what can I do to help a child prior to coming in this mean world.

The Father's Neglect

The father's neglect. This portion of my blog can be viewed in two different aspects. First, fathers who neglect their children are a contributing factor to why children growing up without a father still exist. The second way and the way I will be explaining in this chapter is our neglect of fathers and believing they were not important then and not important now.

We as a society have to wake up and see how the father being absent in our house is a tragedy and it has to change if we want to see a better world looking forward. As I explained in my bio earlier I did well with my life as an adult. But, I've had my challenges and still do.

daddy and daughter

I never knew how to be the leader of a house that was nice and peaceful. I also would never say, "see even though I didn't grow up with a positive father figure my life turned out great". That's why I'm here today so we as a society can come together and put a stop to children growing up without a father.

This has to start with all of us agreeing that strong, caring and respectful fathers are needed in the lives of our children from the time of conception through the rest of their lives.

The Main Solution To Helping Fix This

The main solution for turning this around, in my opinion, is bringing fathers back into the homes. This can not be viewed as an easy task as this epidemic has been going on for several decades.

So we should expect at least a generation or two before we can see significant change. When I say bring the fathers back into the homes I'm not referring to the fatherless males who never had a relationship with their dad and have bitterness towards him.

Instead, I'm talking about the fathers who are raising their kids with the children's mother and are living under the same roof. These men need to be the leader of this front because they are the ones who are going to bring to society a man who sees his dad taking care of his family. So, he'll know how to do the same thing. He is also going to show his daughter what it looks like to see a man show love to a woman and children.

Who's Qualifies To Help?

Then, who qualifies to help. We all do. How? Stop having unprotected sex with someone other than your spouse. Stop having unprotected sex on a fly, you know the "we were drinking and one thing lead to another phrase". This is no longer acceptable. Protect yourself from having babies out of wedlock.

Children are hurting from these two instances alone and if we could just clear up these two instances for starters we would see a significant change.

Children also are qualified to help. They have to be able, to tell the truth to both of their parents about how hard it was growing up without a father. They should be able to respectfully ask their mothers why was their dad not in their life and if she knew anything about him in advance to let her know he would leave like this.

Why A Father's Presence Is So Important

The main reason a father's presence is so important is that they protect, and the protection of our kids could stop a lot of the devastation going on in the fatherless world today. Our children are not being protected but instead abused.

fatherless girl

I remember watching one of my favorite sitcoms named Good Times. In one episode Thelma was being groped by Wiloma's X-boyfriend who was trying to get back on her good side but he decided to want something younger. I was saying to myself I can't wait until James (the father) comes home he is going to raise the roof.

Oh wait, James wasn't on that episode, he was already deceased (on the show) by that time. It's just funny that the show never had an episode where any of the kids were molested or abused while the father was living.

Strong fathers are always going to protect their wives and children and teach them the right way to do things. Growing up without a father, in most cases, is not going to produce fathers that are going to love and protect their children and wife. We need more strong fathers in the homes in order for us to see much change.

We all can help and no one should feel that they can't.

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Tom Guu

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