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Impacts Caused By Fatherlessness-For Child & Father

There are many impacts caused by fatherlessness and in this blog, I'm going to share with you some very important ones that may not be getting much attention. These impacts often affect children but we can not miss out on the fact that the fathers of the fatherless are hurting too.


depressed boy

As a society, we used to have a stigma about someone who wants to get help for depression and how we were going to treat it. Now, we seem to have gotten a little better but helping children is still lagging behind. Children are usually just given medication to mask the depression instead of getting to the root of the depression. Most of the time the diagnosis for why the depression exists is missed. Does anyone realize how being without a father affects children?

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Yes, fatherlessness is a contributing factor to depression. I know it because it happened to me and when I see or hear of anyone who says they are depressed, there is a very high chance that they are fatherless. Now, when it comes to the fathers of the fatherless child they are hurting too.

A lot of information is out there saying all types of negative things about these fathers but they are suffering too. They most likely did not have a father so they really didn't know what to do. How are they supposed to learn if there was no one there to guide and teach them?

Low Self Esteem

low self-esteem boy

When we hear the word low-self-esteem we often relate it to some teenager who walks with their head down and just doesn't get along with anyone. Usually, we look at them as being loners. This is correct but many of these children grow up to become adults and never got the necessary help they needed as children. There is a good chance that whenever you see a person committing a crime, their self-esteem must be called into play. A lot of these crimes are committed by adults with low self-esteem.

This scenario can be seen all over the world. Just look a some of our leaders of today. In every aspect of our lives, you will see people with low-self-esteem.

You see them in politics, sports, movies, and of course the news. This is definitely something that needs more attention moving forward. Can you guess what is one of our major causes of all this strife? Yes, you guessed it, fatherlessness or growing up with a father who was not a good role model.


Suicide is an extremely touchy subject but it has to be addressed. The numbers are staggering and you can get the actual number from some links I wrote in a blog earlier. The majority of children attempting suicide are from fatherless homes. Isn't that something we should all be outraged about?

Still, children are depressed, have low self-esteem and are attempting to commit suicide at alarming rates. With these numbers, everyone should be screaming at the top of their lungs so we can start to change this situation around. I can't imagine losing a child but to lose them by suicide and later knowing I could've prevented it is devastating.

Relationship Stability

One of the most missed impacts caused by fatherlessness is the ability to stay in a relationship for the long haul. If a person is depressed and the main reason is that they missed out on time with their father, then this person with not be a good person to be in a relationship with for the long haul.

They are too unstable with their thoughts and we bail real soon after a major setback occurs in the relationship. They say in the United States 50% of all marriages end in divorce. I can almost guarantee that the numbers are much higher with a fatherless marrying another fatherless.

Repeating Cycle

fatherless man

When I mention the words, "repeating the cycle" I'm referring to fatherless children becoming fatherless parents. This cycle will continue until we make some drastic measures. I told you in an earlier blog that the only way we can change this madness is by protecting our children and that starts with having their biological fathers in their homes from the time of conception through the rest of their lives.

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Tom Guu

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