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Just Because I’m Fatherless Doesn’t Mean I Can’t-Because I Know I Can

If you have been shopping at The Fatherless Store then you know that statement is on almost every page on my site. It means just that. You cannot continue to use the fact that just because you're fatherless that you can’t accomplish a certain task.

Have you ever thought about not being able to accomplish a goal because you were fatherless? What about being the best despite it?

In this blog today we are going to discuss how some people and how you can break the fatherless mode and make something great of yourself.

Becoming a Great Parent

Being fatherless whether you’re a man or woman can bring on a lot of challenges when becoming a parent. We only know what we know and in most cases, we know what our moms learned from her mom.

I remember growing up as a fatherless child and only being around an alcoholic abuser as the father figure in my life. So, how is a child who is not living with his biological father and a mother who will not protect you, create a father who is going to become a man who loves and protects his wife and children?

Being a Father

Well, as you should know by know by now I was married 3 times and all 3 marriages were failures. Of the 3 wives, I chose 2 were fatherless and the other was a product of a family where the men couldn’t or didn’t show male strength.

Becoming a great parent starts with your parents passing down something good they learn from their parents. Now, this doesn’t mean that you cannot become a good parent if you were fatherless. You can, but it is going to be added pressure on you to accomplish this.

Parents shouldn’t be the ones calling themselves great parents. This should be left up to teachers, co-workers, real friends, and of course their children.  Children know how they were treated as a child and they remember. In my opinion, the only way a parent can give themself accolades for being great parents is if their children are good parents and they give their parents the credit.

We certainly need more great parents and getting these parents from the fatherless family will sure help us as a society in the future.

Becoming an Engineer

This career path just seems to not get the attention it deserves to get. It’s a career we as a society definitely needs but you’d be hard-pressed to hear many high schoolers (fatherless) say they want to be an engineer and really mean it.

This career field is booming and the opportunities are there for any fatherless person to go after them. According to Forbes, there are approximately 1.6 million engineer jobs in the United States and each year this number rises.

Why aren’t fatherless children told about the importance of becoming an engineer and how well they pay.

Rocket Engineering

If you are an engineer and were fatherless, tell us your story of how you didn’t let being fatherless stand in your way of becoming something great. We know of your struggles because we all have been through them. So please tell us all about your story, the fatherless generation today and the one behind us need to know.

Becoming a CEO

This is a big one to image a fatherless person growing up without a father and still achieved the status of a CEO of a corporate business. This takes a lot of drive and determination to accomplish this feat and to do it without growing up without your biological father makes it even more impressive.

Now, I'm sure you had your male mentors or coaches who helped fill the void but it is still impressive none the less.


Again, if you are the CEO of a corporate company and you were fatherless, please let us hear your story. I’m sure you have a lot to pass on to our fatherless generation coming behind us.

Besides, the fatherless need to hear someone’s story of how they went from rags to riches despite having no strong father figure to guide them.

Becoming a Mentor

Now, to become a mentor and to teach and guide children, most of you who are fatherless, this is one of the most important positions we can teach our children.

We as a society do not give the men and women the credit they deserve for taking on such a demanding and important job.

Some of these mentors or fatherless and some are not but they all have the same goal in mine and that’s to help our children who are suffering in a society that appears to not care enough about the struggles of growing up fatherless.


For all the mentors all over the United States and abroad, we here at The Fatherless Store would like to thank you for the incredible job you are doing as a mentor to our children. Please understand we do not take what you are doing for granted.

If you are a mentor, would you please tell us how we can become a mentor by leaving your information in the comment section so anyone who may be interested can find out more. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, we first must let as many people know what we have accomplished despite being fatherless. The majority of fatherless children don’t realize they can become something great, because no one has ever thought it was important to say, until now.

The Fatherless Store gives you the platform even though many may think it’s no big deal. Well, I do because telling your story may just affect one person’s life, so if a million of us told our story, imagine the impact we would have on the fatherless around the world who think they will never have a chance to become anything special because they grew up without their dads.

So you can do this by wearing one of our t-shirts with our Brand on the front (I’m Fatherless But… or I’m a Daddy-less Daughter But…) and your accomplishment on the back of your shirt. This can inspire a fatherless child to do something great and make you feel good that you are doing the inspiring without saying a word, at first.

Remember if you have one of the careers listed above and you would like to share your story please do so in the comment section so we can start the inspiring.

Tom Guu






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