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Mommy, Can You Please Help Me With The Real Truth About My Dad?-Answers Needed For The Fatherless

Today, we are witnessing one of the most significant tragedies in modern history, the neglect of the fatherless child. I am writing this piece to shine some light on this from a totally different perspective.

As a fatherless child, I remember asking my mother “where is my dad?” She answered with something in the form of “He has his own family now, and he has basically moved on.” This devastated me but I held it in all these years; well at least, I thought I did. I was angry but growing up with four older siblings who were also fatherless made it easier for me to deal with. After all, none of them seem to have a problem with their challenges.

So now I’ve decided to make a series of questions to ask my mother (now deceased) to find out, how did she know this man was the right person to be my father? These are all my own personal questions. Maybe you have your own also, or you can just use mine because being fatherless is something a lot of us are going through. Now, I’m here taking the lead on this difficult issue and I hope you are willing to follow.

 Where Did This All Start and How Do We Fix it?

So, where did this all begin and how are we going to fix this. I see everywhere, including TV, the internet, magazines, talking to family, friends and even watching people in the community and I can see there is a fatherless problem. I see devastation everywhere, but I have yet to hear of any real solutions.

Well, some of the solutions I've heard of and maybe you have too are; we should get rid of public assistance. We should make these dads be more responsible, help everyone find better jobs and places to live.

With that being said we do have some programs in place to help, but it's an after the fact solution.  You know the help our athletes and entertainers are giving to help as many young fatherless children as possible but the problems still exist.  I believe we can fix this if we give women the tools to identify, in advance, a good man to be a good father for their children. But she would have to want to.

Men can figure in helping turn this around with one simple act. Give your sperm to the one you desire to marry and live with for the rest of your life. This is so hard to do because men are not being taught by their fathers so they are clueless. Of course, this is not an excuse but it is reality.


Children can help also, by letting both of their parents know how difficult it was growing up without their dads. Just like this kid did.

Please leave a comment on what you think we can really do to slow this issue from continuing.

Tom Guu



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