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Our Denial of Fatherlessness

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We as a society have become so blinded by this issue, that you have to wonder if any of us really cares. Why have our fathers been stripped from the homes? Can anyone explain this? Why can’t we reverse all of this madness? Do we really want too?

You see, The United States of American, the most powerful country on the planet, with the most brilliant minds in the world, can send a spaceship to Mars, put a man on the moon, but can’t put a man back in the house with his children. I’ll never believe that.

Today’s blog is an important one because I’m taking this problem to another level. I’m going to look at why this seems to be such a difficult task to solve, why we are in denial, and some solution to turn this all around if we really want to.

Before I begin I want to express why we are all stuck when trying to turn this all around. The number one reason is our belief or education about what and who is fatherless. It has always been shown that being fatherless means you have to be a child to be fatherless. I have to disagree on this but most humans don’t agree with me and this is where we as a society have been tricked.

This is why there is no such thing as a fatherless adult. Don’t believe me, Google fatherless adults and you will get nothing.  So, I am to believe that once I become 18 then I am not fatherless even though I will be carrying all the scars that I obtained during those times. This makes no sense to me. I believe a person is fatherless as long as their father is out of their lives.

Can you imagine, being able to identify all the fatherless people on the planet and actually letting society see this? The numbers may be staggering. I have tried to get this number but no one feels comfortable enough to solve it. If anyone is great with math, contact me because I’d like to get this number to really bring light to this issue.

The Fatherless Home

The fatherless home is where this all starts. It has been proven over and over again that the best way to destroy a family is to take the father from it. We have been fooled with all the “strong independent women”, single mother power and it has been a colossal failure. Maybe this could be one of the reasons we are in denial as a planet.

Look, fatherless children fail in every academic and social statistic across the board. This is not something we do not know about. We are just turning a blind eye to it. But I’m hoping that any logical person who reads my blog will see that I want to make a difference.

The Abuse of our Fatherless Children

Again, this is something everyone knows about. But if you really don’t know then here is a YouTube channel you should visit. It’s the AFC Podcast or that’s Advocating For Children First Podcast. Our fatherless children are being abused in the most horrific act imaginable and we are just sitting on our hands. If you need more proof just go to YouTube and type in child abuse and you will see the devastation.

Now, let’s look at how all this started in the beginning. It’s the fatherless children being abuse in the home by the mother’s boyfriend or girlfriend, a cousin, an older family member. Once again almost everyone involved is fatherless.

Can we just understand when we take the fathers out of the home we are setting our children up for failure and we all fail from this in the future?

The Education Given to the Fatherless

When I look at the education given to the children in the worst area in towns I see the sadness in the eyes of all these children. They seem defeated and not motivated at all to do anything. Why do we suppose this is so? Could it be that the fatherless home he or she is being raised in has hurt them in some way?  


When I was a mailman I used to see a big difference in the way children behaved. The fatherless part of town, children were out and about, not even in school because their mom had to work and couldn’t monitor this and these children knew this.

It’s a setup. Let’s take the fathers out of the homes, allow kids to be bad so they can get into trouble, now we have children for the newly built prisons. This is such a scam and if the politicians can’t see this they all should be fired.

Two Systems Put in Place so This Can Continue

I’m going to ruffle some feathers with this peace so hold on. The systems I will be covering are the ones that have personally affected me and friends of mine. I’m sure we are not the only ones.

System number one is Government Assistance, this includes, welfare, food stamps, child support, and Section 8. What these programs have done is to replace the man with the Government and women have been fooled to take the money and run away from the father. Just like my mom did. This system is rewarding bad behavior and setting up generations of children to fail. We have to figure out a way to revamp these systems.

The number two system put in place to help the denial of fatherlessness to continue is “PATERNITY FRAUD”. This needs a massive overhaul and in my opinion, is the first step to slowing the fatherless epidemic.

Every child should at least know, without a shadow of a doubt, who their biological father is. There are too many fathers who are paying child support for children who are not theirs. Too many women who are saying, this man is the father when that man is. This type of fraud is being rewarded and therefore our children are suffering.

Some Solution That May Help Turn This Around

What about giving some status to the father’s role? Yes, let’s let the world know that fathers are important. Stop rewarding bad behaviors. To do this let’s allow women only 2 children to be on the system and give them only 3 years per child. Anything over 2 children get her benefits revoked permanently.

As far as the paternity fraud is concerned, just do two things. Allow any man (divorced or not) to get a paternity test before paying any child support. Next, no man (married or not) will be allowed to put their name on the birth certificate until a paternity test has been completed and confirmed or he signs a waiver saying he assumes all responsibility for that child.

Ok, look, we are all in denial because if we weren’t we would be screaming at the top of our lungs at something so profound. Let’s all do our part to help out any fatherless person because, to me, you are not only fatherless as a child, you are fatherless as long as your father remains out of your life. Let’s bring the father back in the homes.

Important Quote: “So, you mean to tell me that we can put a man on the moon, but can’t but him back in the house (with his children)? –Tom Guu-

Please leave a comment on this touchy issue, in which we all seem to be denying. Let us know what you think we need to do to change all of this around and please share.


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