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Some Reasons Fatherless Adult Women Are Affected By Fatherlessness.

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The top reasons FAW are affected are as follows...

a. denial

The number one reason to me is denial. This word you are going to hear me say many times because we all have our heads in the sands even though we know this is a problem. Could it be we are just afraid to step up and bring attention to this dilemma? Do you really want to find out the real reasons you are stuck where you are?

When you read this book from front to the end you will get some type of closure on what you need to do to clear up your bad thinking. Make sure you are understanding why you are stuck where you are, so you can do what it takes to become free.

Remember, you have to act on what your negative feelings are, don't just ignore them. Because by ignoring them you leave no room for becoming who you really want to become.

b. not taught as a child

So why are you struggling at some of the basics in life? There's one main reason and that is you were never taught. Not to blame anyone you were never showed the basics in relationships, self-control, love. You had to learn them all by yourself and you made a lot of mistakes, like the rest of us. But you can't let that be the reason why you continue to be this way.

The effects you allow to become a part of you will be passed down to your children and they will feel the same things you are feeling. Determine today that you are going to become a better person for you and your children. You will feel better for this.

c. lack confidence

When you are raised your entire life without your dad you will lack self worth. It doesn't matter what anyone says how strong you are , if daddy wasn't there you will lack the confidence you need to sustain any goals you are pursuing. Be true to yourself! It's ok you feel the let down or depression. No need to be too strong on the outside and be hurting on the inside, this will have you feeling less than.

d. numb

How many times have you felt numb as an adult? Did you ever wonder if growing up without your dad has something to do with it? As I said before and I will repeat it later, as an adult you are told to fix this on your own. There is no title to put on this problem so we just forget it then try to blame the way we feel on something totally different, like school, an old boyfriend, or even an incident that happen to us as a child.

Not getting to the root of why you feel the way you do does lead to numbness. We did everything, but we still feel bad and can't figure out why. More often than not it all stemmed from when you were a child and you didn't get that protection from your daddy who for some reason wasn't there.




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