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Key Ways to Stay Motivated



Staying motivated is the key to accomplishing your goals. In order to become a leader in your field, you must stay motivated and this should be done in three areas of your life. Which may consist of (the big 3) the physical (how well you take care of your body), the mental (how well you take care of your mind), and the spiritual (how well you care of your heart or soul). You must be equally motivated in each to feel completely happy.

Mind, body and soul

So, to break this down into greater detail, I've listed 5 major keys to getting and staying motivated, especially if you are fatherless.

Maintain a positive attitude: in order to maintain a positive attitude there are a lot of different things you can do to obtain this. Here are a few: get your mind straight at the beginning of each day. Stop with all the bickering over things of no relevance. If you can begin your day with a positive mindset then there's a good chance you can have a very good day. Stop looking for negativity! Good motivation will bring good things into your life. Remember that.

Be grateful: for everything you have, no matter how small. When you are grateful you can receive what you are striving for, and when you get it, by all means be grateful for what you’ve obtained. It is so hard to forget to be grateful after you have made it big or accomplished an important goal. Don’t be a forgetter. This is super important.

Be passionate about it: so many times I see people chasing the “make money online” or “become a real estate investor” narrative even though that's not something they are passionate about, just because they see the money. Find something you'd do for free. If your passion is to help children with mental illness, then do that. Don't let society or anyone else change your thoughts. If you are not passionate about it then you will not stay motivated. Always think passion first, often and always then compensation will come to you in crazy numbers.

Give more in advance: if you practice giving more value in advance then eventually those who you give this value to will trust you. Once you have their trust then you can expect compensation. Again this starts with you being motivated enough to create something on your own to give away or find someone else to create it for you. You can not become the authority in your field unless you get and stay motivated.

Be fair: this is such a simple concept but seems to have been lost in recent years. All this really means is to make everything's a win-win for all parties involved. If you created a way to solve a problem for a certain group of people make sure they feel they got a fair deal. It's not about how much it cost, but only if that customer feels it's a fair deal.

Be fair hand shake

Now, if you are going to be fully motivated and happy, you have to take care of the big 3, that's mind, body, and soul. Get motivated to excel in all 3, plus the five areas mentioned above, and your life will change in ways you can't imagine! Remember, just because you're fatherless, doesn't mean you can't!

Please leave a comment and express how you plan to get and stay motivated to accomplish anything you need and please share. 

 Tom Guu



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